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Hello, as our school is close to the border, we also offer foreign language lessons.

However, the price is increased due to the need of the translator!

We are a school with a long tradition and trainers are constantly educated in the field. We practice a mix of martial arts (Krav-maga, karate, judo, aikido, jiujitsu, wa-te jitsu,). You cannot practice only one martial art. We practice without a gun or with a baton, a knife, a stick, a spray, a gun. We exercise while standing, on the ground, in the car, in the elevator.

We practice in private lessons, only you, the translator and the trainer! The price is for 60 minutes of instruction. The course usually takes 10 towers.

Price 1h:
40 €

+420 606 707 376

ID dat.schr.: tk39m5b